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Our story

Red Mountain Therapeutic Riding Center (RMTRC) is situated in the desert terrain of Kibbutz Grofit, surrounded by breathtaking views of the magical Edom Mountains. The Center provides a unique therapeutic experience for the population of the southern region of Israel, in need of rehabilitative and curative therapy. The RMTRC non-profit licensed charity was established in 1999.


The riders of Red Mountain are children, youngsters and adults who usually live in the southern region of Israel and are in need of therapeutic riding as a result of their developmental, neurological, emotional, behavioural, and/or learning difficulties. Some of them have chronic illnesses or other mild to severe disabilities and range in age from 3 to 86 years old. They mount and ride the horse either independently, with side walkers for support or with therapists mounted on the horse and holding the rider from behind.

​Our top professional licensed riding therapists receive ongoing psychological supervision which enhances the impact of the therapy program designed to meet each individual’s needs. The therapy is conducted in the multi-disciplinary approach with ongoing consultation with the medical and educational teams, occupational, physical and speech therapists.


Our riding therapists are responsible for treatment plans and hands-on therapy but they cannot do it on their own. Our 25 horses, each with its own build, gait and character are an integral and influential member of the therapy team. In addition, our dedicated volunteers who assist in most therapy sessions, are an inseparable part of the riders’ riding experience.

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